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Copyright Information

Copyright is the legal ownership of a work, including but not limited to text, audio, video, images, etc.
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All About Copyright
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Creative Commons in our Schools
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Fair Use

NEW - Code of Best Practices for using digital media content - a clarification and simplification of Fair Use policy.

Most colleges provide an explanation of Fair Use for their students and faculty to follow. Some are listed here:

Creative Commons

  • Explanation - This is a short movie that explains the Creative Commons Copyright process. It discusses how easy it is to get a CC license for your work and suggests you look for CC Licenses when wanting to use media from the web, on the web.
  • CC Licenses

Public Domain

Some works are considered part of the Public Domain. These are works that are absolutely FREE to use and copy. There are many reasons a work falls into the public domain, such as:
  • Published before 1923.
  • Published before 1964 and copyright was not renewed (renewal was required).
  • Published without copyright notice (notice was required before 1989).
  • Owner desires to make them available in Public Domain.

Public Domain Info - from Stanford University.